Click to Win! Case Study: TapTapWinWin Mobile Application

2019-12-06 | Weroonika Masternak | mobile app development

Google Play stores and the App Store are packed with games. There are so many ways to spend your free time that it’s difficult to make a choice. Recently, however, there is an application available that will conquer your hearts and exhaust your fingers. Meet TapTapWinWin and enter the world of mini-games in the mega dimension.

From the article you will find out:

  • why the TapTapWinWin application was created,
  • how the application works,
  • who the target group is and who would fall in love with the game,
  • who participated in the creation of TTWW.

Have you ever had the situation that you were angry at the whole world and wanted to challenge it right here, right now to a duel? Probably the only thing that came to your mind at that time was getting back and quickly find a way to defuse the emotions... Been there, felt that and that is why we started the TapTapWinWin project so eagerly. Because the best way to show THEM ALL that you are better, faster and smarter is - as it turns out - not only taking part in a 100-meter race or participation in the Scientific Olympics but also undertaking a joint online game!

Click hard for a win

The design challenge of TapTapWinWin was simple - undertake mobile development of application that allows two people to start the battle online. For fun, for laughter, for entertainment, simply! TTWW is a set of arcade games that can overload your fingers. That’s why we warn you - you play at your own risk.

A series of mini games in the TapTapWinWin mobileapplication.

In the TapTapWinWin application, you will find a lot of twists and turns, non-standard entertainment, and above all, you will join a crazy community that loves to click and compete. Visit the application landing page and test your smartness!

According to the infographic posted by Business2Community, the value of the global mobile gaming market in 2019 was $151.9 Billion, and in 2020 it is expected to reach as much as $165.9 Billion. Whats more, there is a trend that indicates that one of the most anticipated games are the so-called hyper-casual games. Users of mobile applications willingly reach for games from categories such as Puzzle, Arcade, Adventure, and Action. Most players can be found in the USA, China, Germany, Japan, and South Korea.

How does the Tap Tap WinWin application work?

The application from this Case Study within Sagiton Portfolio was created thanks to close cooperation with Apps with love, Full Service Digital Agency from Switzerland, specifically from Bern. The application can certainly be classified as intuitive and pleasant to use. What does an example battle look like as part of the TapTapWinWin? In a nutshell: two players play 5 fast and random arcade mini games among themselves. However, this would not be surprising if it wasnt for one small detail. You should take a photo of your reaction after each second game, so we can have three photos in one session. By reaction is meant a facial expression that accompanies winning or losing. As you know, everyone reacts differently in situations of failure or victory, so you can expect e.g. smile from ear to ear or an extremely strange grimace. Here, the creativity and spontaneity of players will be appreciated. At the very end of the battle, a list of winnings and losers is given (e.g. 3:2), and points are awarded to advance to the next level.

Examples of mini games that can be played as part of theTapTapWinWin mobile application.

It was decided that the application development of the TTWW will be based on the following functionalities:

  • playing with another application user,
  • ranking with TOP 10 players,
  • playing with a bot, if there are currently no players available (here, however, no points are awarded at the end of the game and no pictures are taken after each mini game).

Examples of mini games that are available as part of theTapTapWinWin mobile application.

Each board with a mini game is distinguished by vivid colors and may remind some users of joyful moments spent playing on portable video consoles. At first glance, TTWW games may seem light or fast to master but dont let this fool you. The challenges are extremely dynamic, and with the new game board, there is a new chance to “click on” your advantage.

Who can use the application?

There are no age restrictions within the application. So, if you want to compare with other players, and at the same time test your dexterity and reaction speed, this is the perfect opportunity for you. See how the TapTapWinWin mobile application works and start playing.

In what technology was the application created?

The application was written in C # using .NET Core and Unity. Software framework in the form of .NET Core allows you to run the server part in many environments, such as Linux or Windows Server, while Unity is the recommended tool for creating mobile games for Android and IOS. We did not have to think for a long time whether to undertake such support and involve our IOS and Android app developers in that project. It is because as a team we feel so good and freely about such projects. Check the industries that Sagiton gave IT support.

What were the first reactions of users to the application?

TapTapWinWin has so far been presented at various events in Switzerland, e.g. during DesignFestival. The first end-users of the application perceived it very positively. Each game board and the rules associated with it were fully understood by the players. The aesthetics of the games were distinguished by their freshness, one could say that they even electrified the audience. Undoubtedly, users were attracted by the fact that they can compete with others in real-time and that both players face the same challenge. They truly admit that TTWW is considered as best entertainment app, and that information greatly amazed us. It is worth remembering that every application development on Android or IOS should take into account the pragmatic and emotional needs of players.

What was the role of Sagiton in creating the application?

Creating the first application based on minigames was a real adventure. Our team has several avid players who were just waiting for such an application development service mission. Software House Sagiton in the TapTapWinWin project was responsible for:

  • creating a scoring system and a system to move to the next levels in the game,
  • making corrections to the application architecture,
  • making visual adjustments,
  • adding functionality in the form of the aforementioned gamers ranking.

The work that has been done so far is only part of the plans for the entire application. The Apps with love team is constantly thinking about the possible directions of its sustainable and, above all, interesting development. What will definitely be included in the next stages of application development is expanding the interaction between players and adding the possibility of adding to friends, creating a ranking among friends, and inviting to play together. We are looking forward to these news! Meanwhile, were finishing writing this Case Study to play the next round in TapTapWinWin.