Manulo Research Panel - Another Product of Sagiton Goes Live

2020-12-09 | Robert Bojek | web application software manulo research panel

Information is one of the largest currencies today. Own opinion and preferences gathered in one database allow you to change the world. This is why public opinion polls are so important. In order to efficiently and safely analyze various social phenomena and areas of life, the research agency Openfield and Sagiton have created the MANULO research panel, where online surveys are available.

A modern research panel

The MANULO research platform is a place to obtain information on attitudes, preferences, opinions and social behavior. The online survey panel was created for respondents who want to voluntarily provide answers and share their opinion on various phenomena, situations or events. The platform participant has the opportunity to have a real impact on shaping the reality, the creation of products and services, advertisements or adapting company offers to the needs of consumers.

The MANULO research panel allows anyone to take part in online research on products, services and advertising and thus influence the development of individual industries. Participation in the panel is also a material remuneration for the respondents. The professional research company Openfield is the organizer of the research platform, aimed at polling the public opinion. The panel's creator is the experienced software house Sagiton.

How to register for the MANULO research panel?

The registration process on the research platform is very simple. You must complete the registration form and read the regulations. After creating an account and completing personal data, the user will receive personalized online surveys to the e-mail address provided. For each opinion poll, a certain number of points will be added to the user's account. After collecting a certain limit of points, you can exchange them for prizes or cash. The more data a respondent provides in his profile, the more surveys he will receive and the more points he will collect. Additionally, each activity in the panel supports those in need. MANULO allocates part of the income from each completed research to charity.

Is the research panel safe?

Registration in the panel is free, and participation is free. Users do not incur any costs for participating in the research. All survey responses are completely anonymous. The indicated responses and opinions expressed will not be assigned to the user, and the results of the online survey will be presented in the form of a collective summary. The profile data of each respondent is safe and processed in accordance with the principles of the GDPR. More details on how the MANULO research panel works are available on the website www.manulo.pl